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ACT Aspire Math Practice

ACT Apire Math Help--Learning math through gaming!


ACT Aspire Study Guide Websites:

Khan Academy-good for all math-related concepts


Math game portals:

Sheppard Software--various math games
Turtle Diary Math Games
Math Playground Math Games
Math Chimp Math games. Choose your grade level, and go from there!


Number and operations in base 10:

Inside Mathematics: Base 10
Mr. Nussbaum! Learning + Fun
Georgia Cyber Academy
Adapted Mind


Number and Operations-Fractions

Inside Mathematics: Fractions
Khan Academy: Fractions


The Number system webquest on the number system
Number System Muncher


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Math Toolchest
Burlington, Wisconsin School District: Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Mangahigh: number operations
Studyladder: number operations


Expressions and Linear Equations

Math Playground: Save the Zogs


Ratios and Proportions

Arcademics: Ratio Blaster


Linear Functions and Function Behavior

Graphing Practice: Oswego, New York Regents Exam Prep Center Function Behavior
Oswego Regents Prep Center


Decimal Concepts:

Decimal Detectives
Decimal Spaceships